6 basic pillars of a successful seo strategy
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6 Basic Pillars of a Successful SEO Strategy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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In this Slideshare, Saba SEO Experts have mentioned the 6 basic pillars of successful SEO Strategy which we should think about to meet our SEO goals. To know more, read the SlideShare. Our website\'s Link: https://www.sabaseo.com/

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6 basic pillars of a successful seo strategy

6 Basic Pillars of a Successful SEO Strategy

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most important marketing strategies that can help online retailers build a successful brand name. The ever-changing search engine algorithms, however, can pose certain limitations to your SEO strategy. In any case, building a successful strategy involves considering the following six factors, as recommended by experts at a reputed San Diego SEO agency.

Meta tags

Meta Tags

Meta tags continue to play an important role in SEO. Whenever you type a particular keyword on to a search engine, you will get to see how that keyword is reflected in the title of all pages recommended by the search engine.

Google looks at your page title for traces of the particular keyword. The same principal applies to your description. Meta titles and descriptions should, therefore, contain the keyword of relevance for any business to enjoy a high search engine rank.



The search for keywords is the first step towards implementing a successful SEO strategy. These keywords are used in driving targeting traffic to the relevant web pages. For any website, higher traffic means more conversions and leads.

You can start by brainstorming a wide variety of keywords and check out online tools, such as Google AdWords Keyword Tool, to determine competition. If you believe that certain keywords are too competitive, you can even opt for long-tail keywords to improve your ranking.



When it comes to link building, it’s not about which website carries the most backlinks. It all comes down to quality links that point to the website. You can easily build backlinks by submitting monthly or bi-monthly press releases. Adding exciting blogs in your niche can also do the trick.



Content is the king of all SEO strategies. Search engine algorithm places great emphasis on the quality of your content when determining your website’s ranking. The best way to create quality content is to use plain and simple language with a minimal use of jargons and natural keyword placement. Make sure that your blog is on the topic suggested by its title. It should not be misleading.



Over the past few years, consumer behavior has shifted to focusing on the image. This means that they’re not only looking through regular search results but are also searching for images online. If you have a wide variety of quality images on your website, you can improve your SEO. However, adding too many images can reduce your loading time. So make sure that your pages do not take longer than 3.5 seconds to load, after including all product images, videos, animations, and GIFs.

Social media

Social Media

With the boom in social media, many websites now become community-oriented. As a result, people are using other search channels (such as YouTube) to look for businesses. This means that investing in social media marketing has become an important SEO strategy. E-commerce stores are now establishing strong social media presence across popular networking platforms and engaging in video sharing. This has had a positive impact on their search engine rankings.

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