How web design can affect seo
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How Web Design Can Affect SEO - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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This Presentation describes How Web Design Can Affect SEO

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How web design can affect seo

How Web Design Can Affect SEO

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Website mistakes
Website Mistakes

  • In common, website design may increase or decrease a site rank on the search engines.

  • Avoid the following mistakes that affects the SEO while you creating website for you business or personal uses.

Using graphics flash images
Using graphics & flash Images

  • Don’t use over creative flash images on your slide shows or website content.

  • Avoid the pages or sites which designed by full of graphics for your website.

  • Use the important texts in normal format rather than which it is an images.

Missing html tags
Missing HTML Tags

  • HTML Tags are very important for each and every website. So use the proper HTML Tags on your website.

  • Proper title & meta tag can help you to get high rank on the Google.

  • You must have anyone keyword in your title tag which can help the search engines to know about your keywords.

Using frames
Using Frames

  • Don’t use frames on your website. Frames are the old style and which it is not supported by search engines.

  • Design the website part by using PHP and CSS which you want from the frame. Most of the browsers are not compatible with frames.

  • NY SEO companies will surely avoid the frames to get better online presence and high rank on search engine.

Bad link exchanges
Bad Link Exchanges

  • Be careful while exchange or give the referring links.

  • Be specific about your link partner.

  • It's difficult to control other websites to link your site but you can certainly restrict yourself to link with banned and absurd sites.

Final words
Final Words

  • For better optimization results, you need to design your website properly or get more help from