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Social Media Strategy. The starting point. 1. Targets. Primary target. Developers Entrepreneurs - Start-ups Bloggers - Specialized magazines. Secondary target. Companies Cities / Institutions. 2. Social Media selection. 2.1 . Social m edia usage in Europe.

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Social Media Strategy

1 targets
1. Targets

Primary target


Entrepreneurs - Start-ups

Bloggers - Specialized magazines

Secondary target


Cities / Institutions

2 social media selection
2. Social Media selection

2.1. Social media usage in Europe

  • We started by analyzing social media usage in the main EU countries in order to select the social media sites in which FI-WARE will be present.

2. Social Media selection

2.1. Social Media usage in Europe

2 social media selection1
2. Social Media selection

2.2. Social Ecosystem

  • We´ve selected the social media sites suitable for FI-WARE and their priority based on their usage, their nature and their affinity with our target market and the FI-WARE project.

Main Platforms

Secondary Platforms




Docs & Presentations


Streaming platforms (If necessary)

Engage and WOM Platforms

Current Platforms

New proposal

3 definition of each site
3. Definition of each site

3.1. Linkedin

  • FI-WARE role: institution / specialist

  • Contents for the company page:

  • Increase awareness of the FI-WARE initiative public

  • Increase awareness about the projects that are being developed thanks to the FI-Lab

  • Connect professionals and encourage communication between them.

  • Increase awareness of the potential of the FI-Lab platform (uses and competitive advantages over competitors)

  • Increase awareness of the challenges and their phase of development

  • Publish the calendar of events and communicate the conclusions

  • Primary social media site

  • Target audience

  • Developers

  • Entrepreneurs - Start-ups

  • Companies and institutions

  • What we will create

  • A company page: where we’ll post the most corporate FI-WARE contents

  • A FI-Lab technical group targeted at the most technical developers

  • A FI-WARE user profile to periodically generate content within the group

3 definition of each site1
3. Definition of each site

3.1. Linkedin

  • Role of the group in Linkedin:

  • Our aim is to convert the FI-WARE group into a meeting point and forum for discussion for developers, where the contents and most technical aspects of the FI-Lab platform can be developed.

  • That is why this group should be managed by a FI-WARE expert and developer (backed by the FI-WARE CM team - Margarita Tremblay and Domingo Legua).

  • The FI-WARE profile person will occasionally take part in the group periodically to share general information (challenges, events, news, etc).

3 definition of each site2
3. Definition of each site

3.2. Xing

  • Third party collaboration (Linkedin and Xing)

  • For both Linkedin and Xing we will occasionally need to use third party companies and other FI-WARE specialists with personal profiles in these sites.

  • These specialists will generate specialized discussions within the FI-WARE groups.

  • This strategy will be coordinated by the FI-WARE CM team.

  • Example:

  • TID developers

  • Partners of technology companies

  • FI-WARE Ambassadors

  • Etc.

  • Primary social media site

  • We’ll replicate the strategy and contents used for Linkedin for this site

3 definition of each site3
3. Definition of each site

3.3. Twitter

  • Primary social media site

  • Target audience

  • Developers

  • Entrepreneurs /start-ups (who know that via this platform they can contact developers and launch their projects)

  • Bloggers - Specialized magazines

  • What we will do

  • Profile

  • FI-WARE role: influencer

  • Contents:

  • Reproduce Linkedin contents

  • Share content and local news

  • Broadcast live events live (for example: CP Europe)

  • Conversations or reinforce relationships with influencers (always talking)

3 definition of each site4
3. Definition of each site

3.4. Google +

  • Secondary media site (worth exploiting to evaluate how it develops. It could become a primary site)

  • Target audience

  • Developers

  • Entrepreneurs – start ups

  • What we will create

  • Company page

  • *If it becomes a primary site: Community of FI-WARE developers with the same strategy as that applied to Linkedin and Xing

  • FI-WARE role: institution/specialist

  • Contents:

  • Reproduce Linkedin contents

3 definition of each site5
3. Definition of each site

3.5. Facebook

  • Secondary media site (worth exploiting to evaluate its viability. It could be eliminated in the future)

  • Target audience

  • General public

  • What we will create

  • A Facebook page

  • FI-WARE role: publish, create awareness of this initiative among the general public and that thanks to developers advances in society are achieved

  • Contents:

  • Generic: examples of how technology helps society advance

  • Successful case studies explained in an informative way

  • Simple and self explanatory images

  • Tone: simple, entertaining, friendly. There is no need to shy way from hot topics or current situations

3 definition of each site6
3. Definition of each site

3.6. Flickr, Slideshare, Youtube, streaming platforms

  • Content platforms

  • Objective:

  • Encourage viralization and content sharing

  • Create different content formats to share in primary and secondary socialmedia sites

  • Periodic use depending on the material we obtain.

  • They won’t have an specific role

1 general style manual
1. General style manual

1.1. Personality

We are technology experts and we want to share our passion for it.

We promote the Open Source philosophy and technological innovation to achieve the common good.

We are open minded, inquisitive, honest and accessible. We like enterprising, creative and original people.

1 general style manual1
1. General style manual

1.3. Tone and style of conversations in social media sites

FI-WARE´s tone in social media sites will be friendly and positive.

We will try to achieve the right balance between the standard, relaxed and conversational tone generally used by these communities and a more informative, formal and corporate approach.

The tone used will be flexible and adapted to the specific characteristics of each social media site:

1 general style manual2
1. General style manual

1.3. Tone and style of conversations in social media sites

  • Facebook, Twitter, Google +These are sites in which users seek diversion. They want to read about their friends, be distracted. Generally they prefer light content that is interesting and entertaining.

  • Linkedin, XingThese are professional networks, where users interact for professional reasons. Here our tone will be more serious, corporate and formal.

  • Youtube, Flickr

  • These sites are used basically to store and display audiovisual and photographic content, so the tone may vary between a relaxed or a more formal tone, depending on the content.

1 general style manual3
1. General style manual

1.4. Content selection

  • Content will be selected according to the priority we want to give to each communication.

  • Content will vary as follows:

    • informative about technology and of interest to our community

    • corporate and about the FI-WARE project

    • events that FI-WARE are organizing or inviting its members to attend

    • Interesting facts about the territory

    • entertaining facts about technology, to provide diversion and encourage viralizaton

1 general style manual4
1. General style manual

1.4. Content selection

  • Content may also be of different types and from different sources:

1 general style manual5
1. General style manual

1.5. Comment management policy

  • We will always respond to questions or issues raised by users.

  • We will only take part in the conversation when we consider that our comments or contributions could be valuable.

  • “Trolls” will be completely ignored and we will only delete comments that contain:

    • Inappropriate content

    • Offensive language

2 specific considerations
2. Specific considerations

2.1. Facebook

All thespecifications contained in the general style manual are applicable to Facebook. Next we will highlight a series of specific points that need to be taken into consideration for other social media sites.

2 specific considerations1
2. Specific considerations

2.2. Twitter

  • Policy for managing mentions, FAV and RT

  • Mentions: we will mention users publicly or directly depending on whether the answer is deemed of general interest or only concerns the user.

  • Favorites: we will mark as favorites the tweets that we think should be saved or that deserve a “Like” but that we do not want to RT because we think that they are not of general interest for our community.

  • RT: we will RT those tweets that deserve to be shared with our followers, that represent FI-WARE’s values or that add value to our conversation, always respecting the fact that the content belongs to the author.

2 specific considerations2
2. Specific considerations

2.2. Twitter

Type of content

Due to the restriction in the number of characters that can be used in Twitter, as well as the behavior of its users, most of the content that we will publish will be in text format, or texts with a link. We may also publish pictures or videos but to a lesser extent.

Twitter will also be used to cover the live events we will attend or that we consider relevant for our followers. We will communicate effectively using hashtags in order to provide real-time information.

2 specific considerations3
2. Specific considerations

2.3. LinkedIN y Xing


It will be much more formal than in other social media sites since they will be our corporate social network sites par excellence, because Linkedin and Xing users use these sites as professionals in their industry. Here, entertainment is not an important factor.


Due to the restriction of the number of characters and the display characteristics of the networks, we will publish links mainly. We will also publish videos or texts but to a lesser extent.

Comment management

We will try to involve users by asking questions, encourage their participation or ask their opinion. After that we let users, as professionals in their field, to generate debate. However, we will take part whenever necessary (answering questions, for example).

2 specific considerations4
2. Specific considerations

2.3. Google +


Given the nature of this social media site, most of the content that we will publish in Google + will be links that add value to users. We will also publish videos or texts but to a lesser extent.

Text posts will be used only for corporate communications, notices and other content when we cannot use an additional element because it is not available (a link or an image).


Posts will be brief and SEO focused since it is an important characteristic of Google+.

2 specific considerations5
2. Specific considerations

2.4. Youtube


In Youtube we will share all the FI-WARE related videos. The headlines will be simple and concise and descriptions will be brief and representative of all the content of the video.

We will use it as a storage library from where we’ll feed the other social media sites and also as a tool to generate virality for the audiovisual contents that we have.


Depending on the content of the video, we will use either a more informative, technical or casual tone (if the video content calls for it, like for example, a casual event or gathering).

2 specific considerations6
2. Specific considerations

2.4. Youtube

Comment management

We will only take part in the conversation when we can add value, when we are asked something directly, or when the comment deserves a valuation or an assessment from FI-WARE. However generally we won’t take part in the conversation since this is not our preferred forum for talking to people who follow a FI-WARE.


Both the headlines and the description will be SEO oriented. We will include the keywords that users use to search for content, but in a more ”friendly, human language”.

2 specific considerations7
2. Specific considerations

2.5. Flickr


We will upload all the photographs we generate relating to FI-WARE. It will also be used as a library to feed the other social media sites and as reference point for users looking for content related with the brand.

The images may be corporate, material obtained from events in FI-WARE takes part, ad hoc created graphics or any other material that adds value to users and may be used to increase the content of other social media sites.

2 specific considerations8
2. Specific considerations

2.5. Flickr

Comment management

This site does not usually generate a large volume of comments, although images from events may be commented on by those who attended the events and aim to start a conversation based on an image.

For this reason, we will allow a natural flow of conversation around our content, taking part only when we can add value to the conversation, are asked something directly, or the comment deserves a valuation or an assessment by FI-WARE.