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SEO / PPC in 2014. Charles Crawford. Who Am I. Background - 2010 Affiliate Marketing Crawford and O ’ Brien. Goals. Background and Understanding Implementation You ’ ll Never Get Screwed. Google ’ s Goal . Provide the best experience for the user (sites with relevant information).

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Seo ppc in 2014

SEO / PPC in 2014

Charles Crawford

Who am i
Who Am I

  • Background - 2010

  • Affiliate Marketing

  • Crawford and O’Brien


  • Background and Understanding

  • Implementation

  • You’ll Never Get Screwed

Google s goal
Google’s Goal

  • Provide the best experience for the user

    (sites with relevant information)

Old seo

  • Keyword stuffing

  • Meta tags

  • Spammy backlinks

Search engine optimization
Search Engine Optimization

Google’s Ranking Algorithm 2012-2014

On page seo
On-Page SEO

  • Title Tag

  • Meta Description

  • Authorship

  • Keyword Research – Google Planner

Great content
Great Content

  • Google’s Goal is is to provide users the best experience. So have great content that’s conversational and engaging.

  • No duplicate content.

  • InfoGraphics

  • Images

  • Videos

Keywords in your content
Keywords in Your Content

  • You need to include the keywords you are trying to rank for in your content…but don’t keyword stuff. Make it conversational.

  • Google loves lots of text. If you want to rank include 1000+ words, an image, a video and more. Your chances of ranking are higher than someone with only 500 words of only text.

Other on page factors
Other On-Page Factors

  • User Experience (people scrolling & clicking)

  • Load Speed (under 1 second)

  • Responsive Design

  • No Duplicate Images / Content

  • Internal Linking (linking pages within your site to other pages within your website)

  • Have recommended content after every post

Off page factors
Off-Page Factors

  • Number of High Authority Sites Linking to Your Website (backlinks)

  • Social Signals (Facebook likes, Google+, Tweets, Pins, Social Bookmarks)

  • These 2 Factors are Over 60% of SEO!

Great sites to get links from
Great Sites to Get Links From

  • Gawker

  • Deadspin

  • Lifehacker

  • Gizmodo

  • Buzzfeed (anyone can submit)


  • iReporter CNN

  • Yahoo Voices

Wikipedia hack
Wikipedia Hack

  • Fixing Broken Links – amazing link juice



  • Backlinks

  • Where do you get them?

  • Fiverr – buy social bookmarking links and pyramids.

  • How do you check backlinks?



  • Alexa Toolbar for Chrome

Rank videos
Rank Videos

  • Every business should be on Youtube

  • Buy Fiverr backlinks to rank

  • Buy real views for $.02

  • Buy comments, likes, views from Fiverr after one week.

  • Google loves video and it has high CTR


  • Don’t send Fiverr links to your website. Just send links to authority sites like Youtube, Yelp, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter. Why? Even if the links are low quality, it won’t affect the authority of Youtube (for example). But sending a bunch of low quality links to your main site would decrease your rank.

Guest blogging
Guest Blogging

  • Guest blogging is one of the most powerful methods for getting traffic and links

  • Get into the sites mentioned earlier + relevant blogs in your industry

  • Ex. This blog is perfect for a dentist


  • Create an InfoGraphic – which is a big image that is educational and entertaining

  • People love sharing them on social sites and they generate links.


  • Order infographics on at


Infographic directories
InfoGraphic Directories


  • Daily InfoGraphics

  • Cool InfoGraphics

  • Love InfoGraphics

  • If these sites publish your infographic, you get a high quality link to your website!

Anchor text
Anchor Text

  • Anchor text is the words that someone actually clicks when they click a link.

  • Ex. Click Here is anchor text.

  • can be anchor text.

  • You need to diversify your anchor text and not stuff your anchor text with all your keywords

Mix up your anchor text
Mix Up Your Anchor Text

  • 30% of your anchor text should be conversational!

  • 20% should be your company name

  • 10% keywords you want to rank for

  • 10% variations of keywords to rank for

  • 10% should be “click here” or “learn more”

  • 10% should be

  • 10% should be the title of your page

Quick action plan for fast rankings
Quick Action Plan for Fast Rankings

  • Keyword Research (Keyword Planner – need to create a Google Adwords account)

  • Create a 2000 word blog post. Hire someone on

  • Order an infographic on

  • Publish the infographic to 50+ directories – hire someone on fiverr to do this.

  • Share it to PDF and slide sharing sites – hire someone on fiverr to do this.

  • Order a white board animation video on fiverr

  • Share the post on Twitter, FB, Pinterest, Google+

Future of seo
Future of SEO

  • Voice search – people search with their voice. That’s why conversation anchor text is so important.

  • User experience. That’s Google’s goal. Give them what they want. Fast loading sites. Great content. Responsive. Get people to click through multiple pages on your site.

  • Google+ Author Rank.

  • Make it look natural – if you look like spam, you are.

  • These are responses from SEO millionaires.

Pay per click ppc
Pay Per Click (PPC)

  • Google Adwords – largest ad network

  • Does it still work? Yes. But the cost-per-clicks CPCs are increasing, making SEO more valuable today than ever before.

  • It’s based on supply / demand in an auction system.

  • One Hack – don’t bid even numbers. Bid .02 since higher than even numbers.

Google s new ad layout
Google’s New Ad Layout

How to determine roi
How to Determine ROI

  • Estimate Search Volume for your keywords

  • Get CPC estimates for that volume

  • Add up the cost

  • Determine your conversion rate

  • What’s your profit per conversion?

  • Revenue – cost = profit.


  • “Las Vegas dentist”

  • Volume 1300 searches / mo

  • You could get a 3% click-through-rate (CTR)

  • .03 x 1300 = 39 clicks

  • Ave CPC = $10 per click

  • 39 clicks x $10 = $390

  • Conversions on 39 clicks? 2 patients

  • Revenue? $1000.

  • Profit? $610

  • Worth it? Yes.

Ppc in 2014
PPC in 2014

  • Standard CPC traffic is increasing, but it still works. But, the future is Native Advertising. Have you seen a Facebook newsfeed ad before? That’s native advertising. It works wonders, and that’s what’s working best now. Same with Youtube ads. I highly recommend any business owner do Youtube ads.

Retargeting remarketing
Retargeting / Remarketing

  • This is showing ads to people who have previously visited your website. Have you noticed that most of the ads you see are from sites you’ve recently visited? That’s retargeting in action.

  • It’s powerful

  • The CPCs are low relative to other platforms

  • It’s incredibly targeted, so the ROI is high

Internet marketing strategies for 2014
Internet Marketing Strategies for 2014

  • SEO – Content Marketing

  • Google Adwords (Search and or Display)

  • Retargeting

  • Native Advertising (FB Newsfeed Ads, Twitter Ads, Pinterest Promoted Posts, Stumbledupon Ads)

Let s get in touch
Let’s Get in Touch

  • Charles Crawford

  • [email protected]



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