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REMEMBER WHEN IN ARUBA? Press ESC to exit slide show. This photo shows the celebration for the 4 th of July. Can anyone remember the year?.

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REMEMBER WHEN IN ARUBA?Press ESC to exit slide show.This photo shows the celebration for the 4th of July. Can anyone remember the year?

Remember when the animals from the circus that was visiting the island escaped? It was the same day the space plane flew over the island. I think the bird was lost.

One of the apes who escaped from the circus found his way to Lago Colony. This photo was take on the same day the space plane was seen flying over the Colony.

The ape and elephant that escaped from the circus liked to spend the day at Baby Beach. Does anyone remember the elephant’s name? Who remembers what the elephant ate?

After a year or so the ape did not like living with the elephant at Baby Beach so he moved to a house on the west end of the island and lived there happily for 23 years. The ape did not like visitors to come to the house.

The elephant remained at Baby Beach for many years and would go for a swim every day. Do any of you remember going to Baby Beach and feeding the elephant?

Does anyone remember the name of the naturalist, who also fancied himself a strong man and made his home in one of the old Aruban houses? I remember he was a man of little needs and did not want for much, a little food and clean socks everyday was all he needed.

Betty Boop liked to go to the beach when the naturalist came for a swim. She liked to look at him but he paid little attention to Betty, at first.

Betty would get a little upset when the old fat guy came to Palm Beach to do his exercise. Does anyone remember the fat guy’s name? He did not seem to disturb the naturalist. After the first hotel was built, the government asked the fat guy and the naturalist to find another beach, Betty was allowed to continue to use the beach.

Later, Betty got to be friends with the naturalist and would go see him at his house. Does any one know if Betty went to visit other Bungalows?

Remember the day the U. S. Navy sub came into Baby Lagoon and watched Betty as she walked along the beach?

After leaving Baby Lagoon, the sub came into the Big Lagoon and spent an hour or so while everyone came down to the beach to take photos of the boat.

How many of you remember this guy and his parrot. Can any one name the parrot? Can anyone remember the parrot’s favorite expression?

Who remembers the old sailing ship that ran aground on Indian Head Light reef. This was the ship whose anchor was later retrieved along with a cannon, and then both were lost. What was the name of the ship?

Remember the flock of birds that would fly over the tanks on their yearly migration? This photo was take when they were flying north. Does anyone have a photo of them flying south?

With the discovery of oil, the island of Aruba should continue to prosper. This is the first of what is expected to be 15 to 18 rigs off the south shore of Aruba.

Remembering aruba
REMEMBERING ARUBA continue to prosper. This is the first of what is expected to be 15 to 18 rigs off the south shore of Aruba.

  • I hope you enjoyed the photos from Aruba, If any of the people living on the island at the time remember any of these events I would like to hear from you, you are probably as crazy as I am.


  • Dan Jensen

Ps someone sent a photo of the birds flying south they always followed the same flight path
PS Someone sent a photo of the birds flying south. They always followed the same flight path.