Welcome to pittsburgh and p2s2 2012
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Welcome to Pittsburgh, and P2S2 2012. PavanBalaji Yong Chen Abhinav Vishnu. Organizing Committee. Steering Committee: William Gropp , University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Vijay Saraswat , IBM Research Program Co-chairs Pavan Balaji , Argonne National Laboratory

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Welcome to pittsburgh and p2s2 2012

Welcome to Pittsburgh,and P2S2 2012


Yong Chen

Abhinav Vishnu

Organizing committee
Organizing Committee

  • Steering Committee:

    • William Gropp, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

    • Vijay Saraswat, IBM Research

  • Program Co-chairs

    • PavanBalaji, Argonne National Laboratory

    • Yong Chen, Texas Tech University

    • Abhinav Vishnu, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

  • Web/Cyber and Publicity Chair

    • Qichang Liang, University of Otago, New Zealand

P2s2 2012 statistics
P2S2 2012 Statistics

  • 25 paper submissions

    • Each paper received at least 4 reviews

    • PC Meeting in Mid May for paper decisions

    • 15 papers were accepted (60% acceptance rate)

  • 23 PC Members

    • Many thanks for their hard work and diligent reviews!

  • Thanks to Qichang for undertaking the publicity/web chair role!

  • Thanks to Bill and Vijay for guiding us through the process of coordinating the workshop

P2S2 Opening Remarks (09/10/2012)

P2s2 2012 journal special issue with journal of parallel computing parco
P2S2 2012 Journal Special Issue (with Journal of Parallel Computing: ParCo)

  • Special Issue on “Parallel Programming Models and Systems Software”

    • Editors: Yong Chen, PavanBalaji, and Abhinav Vishnu

  • By-invitation only special issue for P2S2 2012 accepted papers

    • All 15 accepted papers were invited

    • 12 papers were submitted

    • Reviews are in progress

  • Journal requirements on acceptance:

    • Needs to have 30% additional material (cannot be the exact same as the workshop submission)

    • New results, more analysis, etc., are OK for the additional material

  • No strict plan for the number of accepted papers

    • Initial negotiation with the journal gave us 8-10 slots, but can renegotiated depending on the number of papers that meet the journal requirements

  • We are internally planning to notify authors by Nov. 20th, 2012

    • But journal reviews are often delayed, so bear with us if we are late

  • Target date for special issue publication Mar. 20th, 2013

P2s2 2012 logistics
P2S2 2012 Logistics Computing:

  • Four sessions:

    • Three sessions for regular technical paper presentations

    • One session for invited panel discussion – “Battle of the Accelerator Stars”

  • For Presenters:

    • Please meet session chair beforethesession starts

    • Please provide a short bio

    • Presentations may need to be copied to a common presentation laptop before the session (please check with your session chair!)

    • Please send your slides to [email protected] and we will post slides on program page

  • Wireless Connectivity

P2S2 Opening Remarks (09/10/2012)

P2s2 2012 sessions
P2S2-2012 Sessions Computing:

  • Session 1: Programming Models and Performance

  • Time: 8:20am - 10:00am

  • Session Chair: TaisukeBoku, University of Tsukuba

    • "When and how VOTM can improve performance in contention situations", Kai-Cheung Leung, Yawen Chen and Zhiyi Huang

    • "Enhancing MapReduce using MPI and an optimized data exchange policy", Hisham Mohamed and StéphaneMarchand-Maillet

    • "ALCF MPI Benchmarks: Understanding Machine-Specific Communication Behavior", VitaliMorozov, JiayuanMeng, VenkatramVishwanath, Jeff Hammond, KalyanKumaran and Michael Papka

    • "On-the-Fly Synchronization Checking for Interactive Programming in XcalableMP", Tatsuya Abe and Mitsuhisa Sato

P2S2 Opening Remarks (09/10/2012)

P2s2 2012 sessions cont
P2S2-2012 Sessions (cont.) Computing:

  • Session 2: Runtime and Storage Systems

  • Time: 10:20am - 12:30pm

  • Session Chair: Zhiyi Huang, University of Otago

    • "Chunked Extendible Dense Arrays for Scientific Data Storage", Gideon Nimako, EkowOtoo and Daniel Ohene-Kwofie

    • "An Analysis of SMP Memory Allocators: MapReduce on Large Shared-Memory Systems", Robert Döbbelin, Thorsten Schuett and Alexander Reinefeld

    • "A peer-to-peer architecture for supporting dynamic shared libraries in large-scale systems", Matthew G. F. Dosanjh, Patrick G. Bridges, Suzanne M. Kelly and James H. Laros III

    • "SWAMP+: Enhanced Smith-Waterman Search for Parallel Models", Shannon Steinfadt

    • "An Out-Of-Core Dataflow Middleware to Reduce the Cost of Large Scale Iterative Solvers", Zheng Zhou, Erik Saule , HasanMetinAktulga, Chao Yang, Esmond G. Ng, Pieter Maris, James P. Vary and Umit V. Catalyurek

P2S2 Opening Remarks (09/10/2012)

P2s2 2012 sessions cont1
P2S2-2012 Sessions (cont.) Computing:

  • Session 3: Panel: Battle of the Accelerator Stars

  • Time: 1:30pm - 3:00pm

  • Panel Moderator: Yong Chen, Texas Tech University

  • Panelists:

    • PavanBalaji, Argonne National Laboratory

    • TaisukeBoku, University of Tsukuba, Japan

    • VolodymyrKindratenko, National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

    • XipengShen, College of William and Mary and MIT

    • Kyle Spafford, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

P2S2 Opening Remarks (09/10/2012)

P2s2 2012 sessions cont2
P2S2-2012 Sessions (cont.) Computing:

  • Session 4: Accelerated Computing and Scheduling

  • Time: 3:20pm - 5:50pm

  • Session Chair: Abhinav Vishnu, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

    • "Effective Kernel Mapping for OpenCL Applications in Heterogeneous Platforms", Omer ErdilAlbayrak, Ismail Akturk and OzcanOzturk

    • "Lost in Translation: Challenges in Automating CUDA-to-OpenCL Translation", Paul Sathre, Wu-Chun Feng and Mark Gardner

    • "GPU/CPU Work Sharing with Parallel Language XcalableMP-dev for Accelerated Computing", Tetsuya Odajima, TaisukeBoku, Toshihiro Hanawa, Jinpil Lee and Mitsuhisa Sato

    • "Adaptive Metric-Aware Job Scheduling for Production Supercomputers", Wei Tang, DongxuRen, ZhilingLan and Narayan Desai

    • "A Comprehensive Performance Comparison of OpenCL and OpenMP for Multi-core CPUs", JieShen, Jianbin Fang, Henk Sips and Ana Lucia Varbanescu

    • "Cross-Platform OpenCL Code and Performance Portability for CPU and GPU Architectures Investigated with a Climate and Weather Physics Model", Han Dong, DibyajyotiGhosh, FahadZafar and Shujia Zhou

P2S2 Opening Remarks (09/10/2012)

Plans for p2s2 2013
Plans for P2S2 2013 Computing:

  • Approved for continuing to be associated with ICPP 2013, Lyon, France

  • Like this year, we again plan to have special issue with a journal

    • We are working with Journal of Supercomputing (JoS) – confirmation awaited

Please Get Involved !

Paper submissions

Workshop attendance


P2S2 Opening Remarks (09/10/2012)