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Presented by SCORE Staten Island, New York. YouTube - History.

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Presented by score staten island new york

Presented by SCOREStaten Island, New York

Youtube history
YouTube - History

  • Youtube was founded in February 2005, as a free web-based service that would allow people to watch and share their videos. The site has since exploded into the web's premier multimedia entertainment destination with more than 100 million videos being viewed daily.

  • In October 2006, Google purchased YouTube for a whopping $1.65 billion, leading to the video site being named TIME magazine's "Invention of the Year" for 2006.

2 Billion Views a Day


Anyone can browse and view videos

Must Register to post video

You save on storage costs

You save money on bandwidth

You don’t overload your servers

You can display the video on your own website.

Types of videos used by businesses
Types of Videos used by Businesses

  • Examples: Anyone with a message:

    • Realtor – View Homes

    • Motivational Speaker, Author, etc.

    • Magician, Entertainer, Singer, Dancer

    • Any valuable service or Product

    • How to: any subject

  • Your video should be interesting and not just a commercial

  • VGA resolution—640x480

Here are some of youtube s features
Here are some of YouTube's features

  • It allows any web-connected user to:

  • Browse millions of videos uploaded by community members

  • Upload, "tag" and share videos worldwide

  • Make uploaded videos public (can be private

  • Find, join and create video groups to connect with people with similar interests

  • Subscribe to member videos, save favorites and create playlists

  • Embed YouTube videos into websites using special video embed code

First Register

And Click Link

Below for


How to upload a video to YouTube

Producing a video for youtube
Producing a video for YouTube

  • Professional video equipment

  • A simple consumer-level video camcorder.

  • A computer webcam.

  • Cell phone

  • Can edit using Microsoft’s Windows Movie Maker or Apple’s iMovie

Producing a video for youtube1
Producing a video for YouTube

  • YouTube allows video up to 10 minutes long. 100 Megabytes or less.

  • Shorter the better – (Exception

    • Tutorial – Director’s Account)

  • Best - three minutes or less.

  • For help with videos go to

Upload a video for youtube
Upload a video for YouTube

  • YouTube allows tags for your video, separating each tag by a space.

  • Tags are keywords people use when searching; use as many tags as necessary to capture all possible search words






iPod Nano

Nano is limited to VGA resolution—640x480

Share with Facebook, YouTube, MobileMe


Youtube tips
YouTube - Tips

  • Remember to include your web site address in all videos you upload

  • To save time and leverage your efforts, submit your videos to several video sharing sites at the same time.

  • Increase your chances of being found by uploading as many videos as possible.

  • Use the customized channel for your company.

    • Keeps all your videos in one place. Done automatically when you sign up.

  • Get a Director's Account to take advantage of additional benefits.

  • Longer videos require more compression, which means the quality goes down as the length of your video goes up.

Youtube tips1
YouTube - Tips

  • Examine other popular videos in your category – look at tags (use them)

    • No limit to tags.

  • Use youtube e-mail service

  • Use youtube groups and join in


Become a Director

For Videos Longer Than 10 minutes

May take a week or two to be approved.

Anyone can be a director on youtube. It is NOT a special account type. Nor do you have any rights that normal user's don't. To do this, just go here: go to the bottom and in the drop-down menu for, "New Channel Type," choose Director. Don't forget to click the "Update Channel" button, too.

How to make a ppt movie and upload to youtube
How to Make a PPT movie and upload to YouTube

  • Click Here for video instruction


Windows computer – connection to Internet

Windows movie maker – WMM

Separate microphone – recommended

You Tube account - Free