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Famous graphic designers, typographers and creatives. Visual Art 8 th grade. Jonathan Ive. Apple's designer of the iPod and the recent iMacs

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Jonathan ive
Jonathan Ive

  • Apple's designer of the iPod and the recent iMacs

  • Responsible for the the recent designs of the iMac and, of course the iPod, Jonathan Ive leads Apple's industrial design team. Jonathan Ives designs are being credited with helping take Apple's products into mainstream consumer market.

Giambattista bodoni
Giambattista Bodoni

  • Giambattista Bodoni was an Italian typographer, engraver, type designer and printer who lived between 1740 and 1813. Giambattista Bodoni gave his name to the series of fonts that he designed.

Neville brody
Neville Brody

  • Neville Brody became famous in the 1980's for his typographic design work on numerous British magazines, in particular The Face and Arena. Brody used newly invented desktop publishing tools to the fullest and continues to be influential as a type designer for both print and web.

David carson
David Carson

  • typographer and graphic designer David Carson became influential in the late 1980's and 1990s for experimental typeface designs. David Carson's designs were featured heavily in surfing and skateboarding magazines.

  • A tribute to other self-taught designers, David Carson broke most of the rules of design and typography, a process that was made easy with the use of desktop publishing programs, such as Pagemaker, QuarkXpress and Illustrator. He experimented with overlapping and distorted fonts and intermixed these with striking photographic images.

William caslon
William Caslon

  • A typeface designer and engraver, William Caslon lived in England between 1692 and 1766. William Caslon's typefaces became extremely popular in the mid-to-late 18th century and were used for many important printed works. A version of Caslon typeface was used for printing the first edition of the United States Declaration of Independence.

Milton glaser
Milton Glaser

  • Milton Glaser is one of the most famous American graphic designers of the 20 century. Milton Glaser is the designer behind some of the most famous popular icons, including the 'I love New York' campaign for the New York State Department of Commerce and, in particular, numerous advertising posters, record covers and soup cans.

Aldus manutius
Aldus Manutius

  • Aldus Manutia was the creater of the italic typeface style and patented it. Initially the italic style was not used to emphasise text, but rather was used because it was compact and useful for small publications.

Paul rand
Paul Rand

  • Paul Rand was a hugely influencial graphic designer. He lived between 1914-1996 and, over several decades, was considered to be one of the world's foremost innovaters in the field of graphics and advertising.

  • Influencd by many designers and artists, including Le Corbusier and Paul Klee, Paul Rand's designs went on to create a huge impact in the fields of advertising, corporate identity and branding, being responsible for developing brands for such giants as the ABC, IBM and UPS.

  • Paul Rand's books include 'A Designer's Art' and 'Thoughts on Design'.