A power point on what films walt disney made and how they made it
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A power point on what films Walt Disney made? And how they made it - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A power point on what films Walt Disney made? And how they made it . By josh Hollamby. Walt Disney. Walt Disney was born in December 5 th 1901 and died in December 15 th 1966, Walt Disney went to McKinley High School in Chicago.

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Walt disney
Walt Disney made it

  • Walt Disney was born in December 5th 1901 and died in December 15th 1966, Walt Disney went to McKinley High School in Chicago.

  • As a teenager Walt Disney was the cartoonist for the school paper, and drawing pictures about the world war 1.

Snow white and seven dwarfs
Snow white and seven dwarfs made it

Snow white was a hand drawn animation, Walt Disney started to draw this in 1934 and finished 3 years later in 1937, this come to be the biggest hand drawn animation in the world it won seven Oscar awards. In 2007 Snow white was ranked #34# in the world of best films.

Mickey mouse
Mickey Mouse made it

  • Mickey mouse was also a hand drawn animation it was made to be a small 10 minute programme for the children shortly after it was a TV programme it was made into a film length animated film, Walt Disney finished this in 1929 and it was sent out in 1930.

Christmas carol
Christmas carol made it

The Christmas Carol is more of a modern day film for Walt Disney, this is a computer animation film it was done by high Tec programmes on a computer, it was released in 2010, this film was made in the 1930s but was made again into a more modern day film.

Wallace and gromit
Wallace and Gromit made it

  • Wallace and Gromit is a Stop motion clay animation

  • The seen is mainly set Wigan

  • It was firstly drawn on a story board and then they finely started to make it into a stop motion clay animation. This wasn’t just made by Disney they linked up with Aardman animation

  • 30-minute films

  • A Grand Day Out (1989)

  • The Wrong Trousers (1993)

  • A Close Shave (1995)

  • A Matter of Loaf and Death (2008)

  • Feature-length films

  • The Curse of the Were-Rabbit (2005)

  • the Were-Rabbit (2005)

Computer animations
computer animations. made it

  • Computer animation uses a high tech programme on the computer, by using this programme it won’t take as long to make like a stop motion or a drawing animation

  • Hummingbird is the oldest computer animation, it was made in 1967

  • Avatar is the newest computer animation it was made in 2009

Stop frame
Stop frame made it

  • Stop-motion animation is a object that is moved a little bit and then take a picture if you do this enough time you can get a little film, Walt Disney did this for the film Wallace and Gromit this film is a stop frame but was done with clay.

  • The adventures of prince Achmed it was made in 1926

  • Fantastic Mr fox is the newest stop frame animation it was made in 2009

Cartooning made it

  • A cartoonist is a person who specializes in drawing cartoons. This work is usually humorous, mainly created for entertainment, political commentary or advertising. Throughout the 20th century, cartoons were widely published in print media of various kinds, featured in magazines

  • Baby Blues was the oldest cartooning animation